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Please tell me the procedure of registration.

Regarding the registration procedure, please refer to the following manual page.
User Manual> WOX General> User Registration

I did not receive the registration procedure email.

Since there is a possibility that the mail sent from WOX is judged as spam mail, please confirm the reception setting etc. of the mailer you use. Also, if the registered e-mail address is incorrect, sorry to trouble you, please do so again.

I registered a wrong email address.

I'm sorry to trouble you, but I ask you to register the user again.

Can I also register with a free e-mail address?

You can also register with free e-mail. However, if you apply by free e-mail, mail from WOX may enter "Spam folder", so please check spam folder if you applied by free e-mail.

Can I change the user ID?

You can not change user ID after registration. If you really want to change your user ID, we are sorry to trouble you but please unsubscribe and re-register.

Since the mail address has changed, I would like to change the registration information ...

Please log in to MyWOX and make changes from "User setting" in the basic menu.

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