Terms of service

Article 1 - Definitions

  1. WOX provides all services (hereinafter referred to as "this service") provided by WOOX operated by Rabbit Communications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") to users of this service (hereinafter referred to as "users") In doing so, we will establish the following terms of use (hereinafter referred to as "these Terms").
  2. The user of this service is a generic term for registered users and guest users.
  3. A registered user is a user who has already registered a user.
  4. It is a user who is not registered as a guest user.

Article 2 - Application and change of these Terms

  1. These Terms shall apply to all relationships occurring between us and the user.
  2. We may change this service and this agreement without obtaining user's consent, and the user accepts it.

Article 3 - Notice etc. from the Company

  1. Notice from the Company to the user is made on the web page of this service or by e-mail and shall be notified from time to time according to the method deemed appropriate by the Company.
  2. In notifying the e-mail in the preceding paragraph, the e-mail address registered by the user shall be the notified address.
  3. In cases where the Company carries out the notice etc. of the preceding paragraph on the web page of this service, it shall be deemed that the notice etc. has arrived at the user on the day posted on the web page. In addition, when notifying by e-mail, we assume that the notification has arrived at the user when we send an e-mail to the user.
  4. User support is basically done only within "User Forum". Individual support by telephone, e-mail, or inquiry form is not done. Also, in principle, support will only be done in Japanese, and if the content you asked is other than Japanese, we will not be obliged to support you.

Article 4 - User's liability

  1. When users use this service, users need to access the Internet, but it is necessary for the users themselves to properly prepare, install and operate the necessary equipment, software, communication means, etc. at their own responsibility and cost We assume there are. We are not involved in any of these and we are not responsible for the preparation and operation of these.
  2. As soon as the contents declared at the time of application (such as e-mail address) is changed, the user logs in to MyWOX and the user himself / herself makes the change in "basic menu> user setting". As for the change method, contents change request through mail or inquiry form is invalid. We assume that the user is responsible for the disadvantage incurred by the user because we were unable to receive the e-mail from our company and we do not take any responsibility.
  3. Responsibility for all information published by users on this service is the user who published the information or the user who manages the contents themselves. Therefore, we do not assume any responsibility for published information.
  4. If any troubles (such as libel, privacy infringement, copyright infringement, etc.) occur between users, the user must resolve in their own responsibility and cost, and we will take all responsibility I do not.
  5. In case of legal problems, etc., when asked as address, telephone number etc. as management information from our company, the user shall respond promptly and cooperate.

Article 5 - Prohibited items, etc.

  1. In the event that the following prohibited acts are confirmed, we may forcibly delete your withdrawal or the contents without prior notice. This does not mean our obligation to constantly monitor all contents. In addition, we will not be obligated to answer regarding reasons for withdrawal or removal.
    1. An act of a user misrepresenting an e-mail address.
    2. Spam action in general. (Such as replicating a large amount of contents)
    3. Acting to create content that is mainly for guidance to other sites, advertisement purpose.
    4. Acts for free users to do affiliates. (Premium users accepted)
    5. Fraud practice, act of opening or managing infinite chain lecture (Mizumi lecture) or soliciting this.
    6. Act to divert, sell or resell this service without our consent.
    7. The act of stealing, collecting, accumulating, changing, utilizing others' personal information and points, acting to illegally manipulate and change my personal information and number of points.
    8. Acts that violate the law concerning the prevention of unauthorized access, etc, conducting illegal operations on our company's and other people 's computers, including acts committed to obstructing business such as electronic computer damage (Article 234-2 of the Penal Code).
    9. Act to hide advertisements and copyright notices displayed in this service without our permission. The act of hiding the copyright indication, in the specific example, corresponds to the following example. We illegally operate the WOX logo or counter image (hereinafter referred to as "displayed image") displayed by "WOX access analysis" "WOX Counter" provided by this service, making it invisible or difficult to see action. Also, delete the link included in the displayed image or modify the issued tag.
    10. Any other actions we deemed inappropriate.
  2. When using this service, the user has the obligation to manage the following information as soon as possible. As a rule of thumb for judgment of violation is to comply with laws and regulations, in principle the user himself will take responsibility with thinking behaviors and basically do not judge by ourselves.
    1. Acts related to crime or contents violating laws and regulations
    2. Contents concerning adult · customs · gambling etc which violated laws and regulations
    3. Content infringing privacy, copyright and other rights
    4. Contents that give discomfort or mental harm to the viewer
    5. Information on drugs, narcotics, etc. which are generally prohibited
    6. Contents including slander slander to specific individuals, companies, organizations, countries, races, etc.

Article 6 - About handling of free users

  1. There is no limit to the number of services that each user can use, but if it is judged that it occupies the server resource remarkably, it may stop using it without notifying the user.
  2. If a free user continues to be in the state of not being logged in for more than one year, it is determined as an unused user and the account is eligible for deletion. Because deletion of account is the same as withdrawal processing, all services you applied will also be deleted. Note that this deletion processing is not limited to the case where it is judged that the content created by the user is worthwhile. In addition, in the case of premium users, it will not be subject to deletion no matter how many days the content is not updated.

Article 7 - Handling of premium users and purchasing WOX points

  1. Like premium users and free users, there is no limit on the number of services each user can use. If it is judged that it occupies the server resource remarkably, we will inform the user first and consult us.
  2. Premium users will not be eligible for deletion no matter how many days they are not logged in.
  3. Premium users can receive reward services not available to free users, such as hiding ads or canceling feature restrictions, but services such as support will not be given preferential treatment. We basically support all users equally. We will not perform any services other than the benefits stipulated for premium users, and premium users will accept it.
  4. For premium service (paid service), you purchase WOX points (1 point = 1 yen) in advance and use the service in exchange for that point. You can not register premium users or change plans in other ways. The settlement method shall be selected from two types, "Bank Transfer" and "Credit Card Payment".
  5. If you pay the point fee at "Bank Transfer", you can not issue points if applicable. After point issuance becomes invalid, refund of the cost paid and issue of the corresponding point will not be done in any case.
    1. If you do not contact from the transfer confirmation form, you can not issue points. Purchase of Points shall be completed for the first time by transferring from the designated "Transfer Confirmation Form" after transfer to the designated account.
    2. If the communication from the transfer confirmation form does not take place 30 days after the purchase date, it is deemed that there is no intention of purchasing points and the procedure for issuing points is invalid. Since it does not issue in any case after invalidation, if you want to issue points, you will be required to transfer the cost again. The purchase date shall be converted from the date recorded on the financial institution designated by our company.
    3. In the case where the transmission content from the transfer confirmation form and the data recorded by our financial institution do not match. There is "transfer name" and "transfer place" in the information to be contacted from the transfer confirmation form, but if the transfer name recorded in our financial institution does not match with the notified "transfer name", the identity of the person himself / herself It will not be done and points will not be issued. In this case, I will explain to that effect by e-mail, we ask you to send the correct information again. Although you can carry out the communication from the transfer confirmation form many times, if the transfer confirmation is not completed even after 30 days from the contact from the first transfer confirmation form, the point issue procedure will be invalid. After invalidation, we will not issue in any case, so if you want to issue points, you will be required to transfer the fee again.
  6. We can not refund the fee collected from the user basically.
  7. There is no limit to the number of points that the user can hold or the number of points that can be purchased at a time, but no guarantee such as refund will be made even if the service stops by any chance.
  8. Points already issued can not be exchanged for cash or various gift certificates.
  9. Points can not be transferred to other user accounts.
  10. Points illegally acquired other than the purchase method determined by us may be invalidated by the Company. In addition, when illegal acts are found in purchasing and exchanging points, we may suspend the use of user accounts that performed illegal acts afterwards.

Article 8 - Disclaimer

  1. We are responsible for strictly managing information at the time of user's registration and we can not disclose it to third parties. However, if there is a request for investigation cooperation from the National Police Agency etc, this is not the case.
  2. We will not guarantee the continued provision of this service to users. In the event of cancellation or discontinuation of this service due to changes in this agreement or the operation and circumstances, the user shall accept it.
  3. Even if the provision of services to users is canceled, we are not obligated to report on the reasons.
  4. Although the provision of services may be temporarily suspended due to server failure or maintenance reasons, the user assumes such circumstances and we will not guarantee the server's availability at all. In addition, even if some loss occurs on the user side, the user will not be able to request damages for damages.
  5. We understand that data stored in the server (posted articles and images) may be lost due to server failure or the like. Moreover, even if any loss occurs to the user side in the event that it is lost, the user shall not be able to request damages for damages. This does not mean that we abandon data maintenance efforts (such as backup prepared in case of server failure).
  6. Although it is possible to apply restrictions such as passwords to contents in various services, these protected contents do not include file data such as uploaded images, and if you access the file URL directly You can view (download) it. The user shall understand and use the file data such as images uploaded in our service at all times on the Internet as a whole. Even if something goes wrong due to the file data released, we will not incur any obligation to take responsibility for our company.
  7. In addition, we will not incur any obligation to take responsibility for any troubles caused by using this service.
  8. In the event that the Company suffered a significant damage due to the use of the user, the Company shall be able to demand damages against the user.