Recommended environment


For the safer and more comfortable use of this service we recommend the following browsers, and the operation guarantee is determined to be the latest version.
safari Safari
FireFox Firefox
Chrome Chrome
Opera Opera
Edge Edge and IE
If the support of the browser provider has expired, we will also support our support as well and we will treat the browser like beta version and alpha version as well. In the initial template provided in Pro mode, the operation is checked with HTML 5 · CSS 3.


With this service, it is necessary for cookies to be valid in browser settings, for reasons such as recognizing login status. Cookie is information sent from the server of this service to your browser, and it is recorded on your computer (browser). However, the information to be recorded does not include any information that identifies the individual, such as the customer's name, address, telephone number. In addition, we will not directly adversely affect your computer.


In this service, JavaScript is used for some content in order to use it more comfortably. Please note that if JavaScript is not enabled in your browser settings, it may not be displayed correctly or operation may not be possible.


In this service, in order to improve the security level, SSL encrypted communication (secure socket layer) is used for some services. In order to use the corresponding service, your web browser must support 128 bit SSL. By using a web browser compatible with the security function, we automatically encrypt and transmit the personal information entered by the customer. In the unlikely event that a third party intercepts transmission data, there is no worry that the content will be stolen. In addition, depending on the setting of the firewall etc., the page may not be available. In addition, our service adopts TLS 1.2 and 1.3, please check if your browser settings are set to use either.

About usage from various smart phones and tablet terminals

Although this service can be used from smartphones and tablets, 100% operation guarantee can not be performed because operation verification is not performed on all terminals. In order to fully use this service, we recommend you to use it from a personal computer.