What is WOX?

Welcome to the free WEB service WOX!

In WOX all homepages and blogs can be created with free.

Of course expert knowledge is absolutely unnecessary! Even beginners are safe.

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WOX alone will complete it entirely

"Blogs, bulletin boards, mail form, counter access analysis" necessary for site creation can all be used as standard. Are you using more than one web service and management is complicated? Management is also simple because it is an all-in-one system for WOX.

WOX alone will complete it entirely

Easy customization

Server construction and expertise such as HTML · CSS are unnecessary at all. To create a site, just choose your favorite design from the templates already provided. Customization is easy even for beginners by just clicking and entering text input.

Easy customization

All in freedom in professional mode

In addition to easy customization we have "Pro Mode" for advanced users. With professional mode you can customize everything with "HTML, CSS, JS" freely. For example, error page like 404 Not Found, screen for password authentication, etc. can be edited all.

All in freedom in professional mode

We support site management with convenient function

All necessary functions from site creation to operation are available as standard. The number of articles saved in blogs and bulletin boards is unlimited! No matter how much you write it will not be counted in capacity. We also put emphasis on countermeasures such as posting spam, so you can use it with confidence.

  • Number of archive articles unlimited

    There is no limit on the number of posts per day. It is okay to write a lot of articles.
  • Easy customization

    Almost done by clicking and dropping! Easy to use by anyone.
  • Sophisticated template

    We mainly prepare practical templates that are simple and easy to use.
  • WOX Friend system

    Users can connect with each other on the friend system.
  • Image authentication function

    You can exclude mechanical spam posts by setting image authentication at posting.
  • You can set a posting key

    By setting a posting key, it is possible to operate bulletin boards within a group.
  • Bot protection function

    You can refuse access to crawling search engines.
  • Cooperation with SNS

    Cooperate with Twitter, Facebook, etc. Easy installation of social buttons.
  • Strong spam filter

    Safety measures are also perfect! Block junk posts with spam filter.
  • Blacklist registration

    The customer (user) can register a blacklist.
  • Various access restrictions

    Open range can be finely set!
    • WOX Friends Only
    • Password Restriction
    • Temporary Hiatus

More seriously at WOX premium

With WOX premium of paid plan (from 500 yen per month), you can use complete hide of advertisement, increase in file space, unique domain and so on. It is only WOX that you can use subdomains assigned to your domain.

  • Max disk size is 32GB
  • An original domain
  • There is no AD

Pickup user

We will pick up some users who are using WOX and introduce them. It will be a user who is full of design and contents contents.

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Comfortable homepage life with WOX.

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