Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Sales employer name Usagi Communications Inc.
Officer responsible Daisuke Yamada
Head office location 2-36−3 Kaname-cho Toshima-ku Tokyo
Contact point Inquiries are only accepted in "Inquiry Form".
(phone number:05053183712 / mail
Required fee other than item price In the case of bank transfer, a transfer fee will be charged at the customer side.
Payment method Bank transfer · Credit card
When payment is due Customers will be at any timing. After payment is completed, we will issue points from our company. Because you can purchase the service using the issued points, you can contract at any timing.
Delivery time of goods In case of bank transfer, if you receive a message from "transfer confirmation form" after payment is completed, we will start providing service within 3 hours ~ 72 hours. In case of credit card it will be provided immediately.
About returned / exchanged defective goods We do not perform cancellation after returned or exchanged defective goods · payment procedure. Since support is allowed from time to time, please contact the "support bulletin board" if the service is not functioning properly due to a malfunction etc. We will support as much as possible.