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WOX paying plan
starts from ¥500 per month.

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It's easy even for beginners! Knowledge of HTML and CSS is unnecessary. If it is WOX, you can create websites and blogs as well!
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Five Reasons Why to Chose WOX


Complete everything with WOX alone

Complete everything with WOX aloneIn WOX, you can use "Blog · Bulletin Board · Mail Form · Counter · Access Analysis etc." necessary for all standard site creation. Is it complicated using more than one web service and management? Management is simple because it is an all-in-one system for WOX.

No matter how much you make, it's only ¥500 per month

With one account, you can create "Homepage · Blog · Bulletin Board" etc. indefinitely. In addition to the main homepage, you can use other pages for no additional cost, such as separate blogs and bulletin boards used by friends among others.
  • rental server
    Monthly ¥980
  • mail form
    Monthly ¥200
  • blog
    Monthly ¥500
  • BBS
    Monthly ¥250

Overhead cost ...

  • WOX Homepage
    WOX Homepage
    Monthly ¥500
  • WOX mail form
    WOX mail form
  • WOX blog
    WOX blog
  • WOX bulletin board
    WOX bulletin board

With WOX, use it all for
only ¥500 per month!


No expertise with web production required

No expertise with web production requiredServer construction and expertise such as HTML · CSS are unnecessary. To create a site, just choose your favorite design from the templates already provided. Customization is easy even for beginners by just clicking and entering text input.

Supports domain and subdomain

With WOX you can use its domain, you can also operate a full-fledged WEB site. It is only WOX that you can use subdomains assigned to your domain.


  • ○○○.com
  • △△△.org
  • □□□.net

sub domain

  • ××.○○○.com
  • △△.○○○.com
  • □□.○○○.com

There are no disturbing advertisements

With WOX it will not display any objectionable advertisements. There is no fixed header that displays the service name that you frequently see on other companies' services, and you can hide the service name (offer display) of the footer as well. We promise that the beautiful site that you create will not be cluttered.

Most services are advertized

○○ Blog service
Service name header to be forcibly displayed
Your site name

Articles you wrote

○○ Blog service
Display of service names which can not be hidden

With WOX it looks clean!

Your site name
Articles you wrote

Introducing Convenient Functions

  • Unlimited articles

    There is no limit on the number of posts per day! It is okay if you write lots of articles!
  • Image authentication

    You can exclude mechanical spam posts by setting image authentication at posting.
  • Easy customization

    Operation is almost completed done by click & drop! Easy to use for anyone.
  • You can set a posting key

    By setting a posting key, it is possible to operate bulletin boards within a group.
  • Sophisticated template

    A lot of simple and easy-to-use templates! Easy to change the templates as well!
  • Bot protection function

    You can refuse search engine (crawler) access.
  • Footprint function

    You can view users who visit you. You can also turn off the function.
  • WOX Friend system

    Users can connect with the friends system!
  • Cooperation with SNS!

    Cooperate with Twitter, Facebook, etc. Easy installation of social buttons.
  • Strong spam filter

    Safety measures are also perfect! Prevent annoying posts with spam filters.
  • Blacklist registration

    The customer (user) can register a blacklist.
  • Professional mode

    When switching to the professional mode, it becomes 100% customizable with HTML and CSS.
  • Various access restrictions

    Open range can be finely set!
    1. WOX Friends Only

      Only WOX friends will be able to access
    2. Password Restriction

      Only people who know the password can access
    3. Temporary Hiatus

      You can keep content private when you put the site on hiatus.

Function Comparison and Price Information

  Free plan 1GB plan 2GB plan 4GB plan 8GB plan 16GB plan 32GB plan
Monthly amount (tax included) free 500yen 750yen 950yen 1,250yen 1,600yen 1,900yen
3 months (tax included) - 1,500yen 2,250yen 2,850yen 3,750yen 4,800yen 5,700yen
6 months (tax included) - 3,000yen 4,500yen 5,700yen 7,500yen 9,600yen 11,400yen
12 months (tax included) - 6,000yen 9,000yen 11,400yen 15,000yen 19,200yen 22,800yen
Disk Size 100MB 1GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
1 File Restriction
600KB 700KB 800KB 900KB 2MB 4MB 6MB
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WOX User Registration
Initially, after registering for the free service, the premium service can be accessed.
We also inform you of the premium user registration method on the manual page.