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Company Information

Company name 有限会社 うさぎコミュニケーションズ
English spelling Usagi Communications Inc.
Organiser Daisuke Yamada
Address 2-36−3 Kaname-cho Toshima-ku Tokyo
Established Dec 16, 2003
Capital ¥3,000,000
Number of operators Telecommunications carrier filed A-17-8610
Contact Inquiry form
Site URL https://wox.cc

Company History

Jul 2001 CGI Rental Service "bigcosmic.com" released
Dec 2002 Silver Accessory Shop "drops" release
Dec 2003 Established Usagi Communications Inc
Feb 2004 Corporation and partnership JWord
Apr 2005 "Bigcosmic.com" blog at the start
Apr 2005 Released from Takarajimasha "daiginen" to "drops" were introduced
Sep 2005 Free web site "milmil.cc" release
Oct 2005 For business expansion, relocation to the headquarters of Itabashi Ward, Tokyo
Dec 2008 The publisher released Narumi Hall "to spend more on the net!" In "milmil" was introduced
Nov 2009 Free web service "WOX" release