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Where can I see the latest information on WOX and fault situation?

You can confirm new arrival information and fault situation on the "announcement" page in the WOX site.

Is it possible to upload by FTP?

I'm sorry but we do not support FTP. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

What should I do if I do not want my pages to appear on search engines like Google?

In the search engine, a search robot called a crawler periodically goes around the website, acquires (crawls) information and posts it on search engines.

To prevent it from being crawled by the search robot, please turn on "Advanced settings> Meta element> Avoid robot" in the management screen of each service (please click the check box and save setting). However, some search robots will pass through this search avoidance setting, and 100% can not be prevented. Please acknowledge this point beforehand. (For access analysis and counter service, there is no need to avoid searching, so setting of robot avoidance is not available.)

Also, if the page has already been posted on the search engine, it seems possible to make a deletion request to each search engine. As for the deletion method, I think that it is probably different in each search engine, so although it is very troublesome, please contact the corresponding search engine site.

What should I do if I want to post my page on a search engine like Google?

Regarding how to register to the search engines, please visit the search engine website you want to register, or refer to the site introducing each search engine registration method though it is very troublesome as it is different for each search engine.

Are there any prohibitions?

Please see the Terms of Service as prohibited items conform to the terms of use.
When we judge that it touches the prohibited matter, we take appropriate measures including deletion of registration.

I found a user who is violating the terms of service.

If a user who is violating the contract violation is found, please inform me of the URL, the reasons etc., please describe the details. We will investigate at our company. I am sorry to trouble you but thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How can I respond to malicious users?

Basically it does not participate in user communication or activities. In the unlikely event of a conflict between users, the parties will resolve them and we will not be responsible for them.

However, for users who judged malicious and malicious in our company, such as acts that violate privacy of other users, after judging the situation, take appropriate measures including deletion of registration Please contact us from inquiry form.

There is a slander article for me. Please delete the article.

Although it is also in the terms of use, all members are responsible for the management of written content, and basically we do not mediate. In addition, we can not delete it by ourselves only if we delete the homepage from a third party due to trouble between the member of our site and a third party. Please understand.

However, for users who judged malicious and malicious in our company, such as personal information of other users, acts that infringe privacy, or other activities prohibited by the usage terms, after judging the situation and registering We will take appropriate action including deletion, so please contact us via the inquiry form.

What is the meaning of the site name WOX?

WOX is a word coined with "WEB" and "BOX", meaning the convenient box of the web is put in it.

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