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Please tell me the difference between the premium version and the free version.

All services of WOX can be used free of charge, but by registering as premium user (charge) you can get various benefits. Below are the main differences between premium users and free users.

[Free users]
  • There is an advertisement display
  • File size is 50 MB, 1 file size upper limit 500 KB
  • Unique domain not supported
  • No mail account
  • Affiliate not available
  • The user account will be eligible for deletion without logging in for more than one year.

[Premium User]
  • No ads will be displayed
  • Maximum file size is 5 GB, 1 file size upper limit maximum 900 KB
  • Corresponds to your own domain
  • Mail account creation possible (5 GB plan only)
  • Affiliate availability
  • User accounts are not deleted no matter how many days they are not logged in

If you register as a premium user, benefits will be applied to all services (including services to be registered in the future), so the more you use the service, the better it will be.

Please tell me the plan and amount of premium users.

Rates vary depending on contract period and plan. The contract period can be selected from 3 types, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, and the plan can be selected from the 100 MB plan to 5 GB plan. For example, if you subscribe to a 100 MB plan for 3 months, it will be "1,500 yen".

For detailed price list, please refer to "Usage Manual> WOX General> Premium User> About Fees".

Can I upgrade from the free version to the premium version?

Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Please log in to MyWOX and upgrade from "sign up" in the menu of the premium user. You can also change the plan from here as well.

Can you downgrade from premium version to free version?

There is no procedure especially necessary for downgrading from a premium user to a free user. When the premium user's contract period expires, it automatically shifts to free users.

Can you refund the fee paid in the premium version?

Although it is clearly stated in the terms of use, the fee paid once can not be refunded. Sorry to acknowledge it.

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