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Which page can I log in to MyWOX?

To log in to the administrator page, click "login" displayed on the upper right of each page of WOX to login page (https://wox.cc/login), enter your user ID and password, and log in.

I can not log in to MyWOX.

If you can not log in to MyWOX, please try the following.

  • Is there a mistake in user ID and password?
    (When copying and pasting, please also check "Whether there are spaces on the left and right of the user ID and password")
  • Reissue your password (Reissue application form here: re-issuing user ID and password)
  • Change cookie (cookie) setting in your browser
  • Confirmation of operation on browser other than use
  • Stop antivirus programs, firewalls, etc.
  • Delete cookie (cookie) in your browser (For cookie items and settings, please check the support page of your browser as it is different for each browser.)

I forgot my password, what should I do?

If you forget your password, please re-issue your password on re-issuing user ID and password page. If you have forgotten your ID, please do so again from here.

I have changed my email address so I can not receive the password reissue mail.

Due to a security problem, you can only send a password reissue email to the e-mail address you are currently subscribed to. I am sorry very much, please re-register.

Since the e-mail address you are registering is important information, if there is a change in this, please use 'My Settings' in the MyWOX basic menu without fail Please change the registered e-mail address.

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