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profile Double the file size limit

Although you can upload background images etc on customization and each setting screen, we have doubled all upload size of such file.
  1. Background image etc.
    80KB → UP to 160KB
  2. Menu background image etc.
    10KB → UP to 20KB
  3. Page title image etc.
    40KB → UP to 80KB
  4. Separated images etc.
    20KB → UP to 40KB
  5. Other images
    5KB → UP to 10KB

profile Bug fixes

Although it is a bug of "automatic link" which was fixed on December 6, 2009, there were cases that it was not completely modified and it did not work.
This problem has been fixed today.
* Automatic link is a function that links are automatically pasted when you enter a URL beginning with "https://" in an article, and you can use it when you set the profile in free form.

profile Release new template

I have released 6 new templates.

in forest
The scenery of the misty forest is very beautiful.
It is a mysterious template.

lovers forest
A rabbit fell in love in the forest.
It is gentle and cute design.

simple dots
Characterized by inconspicuous dot pattern on the dividing line.
It is a simple template.

simple pink
Pink color is one point.
It is a simple template with a bigger letter.

simple navy
Vivid coloring based on navy blue and green.
The text is a large template and the text is easy to read.

Produce a gentle image of wood and paper texture.
It is a beautiful template.

profile Bug fixes

In IE 7, "pull down" of "municipality" and "prefecture" of "management screen> article management> profile" was not displayed properly.
This bug has been fixed today.

profile The thickness of the border of the input field can be specified

The thickness of the border of the input field can now be specified. Up to now it was 1px fixed, but it can be set in the range 0px ~ 9px. In addition, you can set the border of the input field from "frame width" of "management screen> customize> whole> form> input field".

profile Added Hiragino Mincho Pro

Because Mincho typeface did not exist, "Hiragino Mincho Pro" was added.
The typeface can be set with "character> base> font" of "management screen> customize> whole".
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