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counter Improve popup display position

If you use the counter at the WOX blog or WOX homepage etc, the counter will be set automatically in the footer of the content, but the pop-up such as "1 week access trend" hides outside the browser screen and it is difficult to browse was. Today, I solved this problem and improved it so that pop-ups are displayed at the top only in counters that you use in the content (footer) of WOX.

counter Bug fixes

In "management screen> installation tag", a problem was found that the installation tag is not displayed properly from some mobile phones.
I improved this problem today.

counter Speed up access statistics

It has speeded up display of "management screen> access statistics" and "access transition" at counter on mouse.
As compared with the past, the speed has been increased about 3 to 10 times so I think whether you can use it comfortably in the future.

counter Fixed garbled characters

There was a problem that characters such as "today", "yesterday", etc. displayed when on-mouse were garbled when counters were set in the HTML that specified charset as other than UTF-8.
This problem was fixed today.

counter On text color when on mouse

When the font color of the content where the counter is installed is #FFFFFF (white), the character color of the access statistic displayed as a popup on the on-mouse becomes white, and there are cases where it is difficult for the access statistics to browse .
This problem was fixed today.

counter Add counter image

Three new counter images have been added.

Counter sample image

Counter sample image

Counter sample image

Other sample images can be found here.
Please use it by all means.
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