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analyzer Bug fixes

In "management screen> installation tag", a problem was found that the installation tag is not displayed properly from some mobile phones.
I improved this problem today.

analyzer Speed up analysis results

The "management screen> analysis result" has been speeded up.
When there are many access logs, it took time to analyze and the display became heavy, but the speed was increased by about 10 times at the maximum, so I think whether you can use it more comfortably than before.

analyzer "Yesterday" was added to the analysis range

"Yesterday" can be selected by pulling down the analysis range of "management screen> analysis result".

analyzer JavaScript non-compliant tag can be acquired

In order to deal with pages that can not paste JavaScript (such as blog service), it is now possible to acquire tags for JavaScript incompatibility. To acquire, please click the link "JavaScript non-compliant tag is here" in "Administration screen> Installation tag". Please note that if you use tags incompatible with JavaScript, the banner will continue to be displayed in the place where you installed it.

analyzer More than one analysis exclusion IP can be specified

Although it was possible to specify only one analysis exclusion IP by "management screen> function setting", it is now possible to specify more than 10 (up to 10) from today. Also, not only IP but also host name can be specified.

analyzer Service start

WOX access analysis service started.