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www Compatible with smartphones

We have implemented smartphone support for user content, which has been frequently requested.
When you access the website or blog with a smartphone, it will automatically switch to a smartphone compatible design. Smartphone support has been applied automatically from today, so no special settings are required on the part of the user. If you do not want to apply smartphone support, you can always display the design for a PC by canceling the settings from "Management screen> Preferences> Smartphone".

In addition, the uploadable data capacity has uniformly increased to "3x" in "Customize" and "Environmental settings" of the management screen. This makes it possible to upload higher resolution images than before, and to decorate the content more beautifully.

In addition, in "Customize> General> Character> Base> Font", from "Verdana, Osaka, MS Gothic, Hiragino Mincho Pro, Hiragino Maru Pro, sans-serif", from "Gothic, Mincho" It was organized into three types of body and circle letters.

We will continue to work to improve convenience further in the future, thank you.

www Page display speed has been improved!

Recently, WOX introduced a cache system to display blogs and websites at high speed.
The speedup is about 20 times at the maximum, which means that the page which took 6 seconds to display has been improved to the speed to be displayed in 0.3 seconds.
Since acceleration has been applied automatically from today, no special settings are required on the user side.

www Start offering SSL certificate free of charge!

Recently, WOX has started offering SSL certificates free of charge to all users.
Access to blogs and websites via "https" is now possible and secure communications can always be performed.
Certificate issuance is also performed for proprietary domains, so users operating in the domain can also access via https.

Communication with SSL is applied automatically from today, so no special settings are required on the user side.
(Even if you access via http, it will be automatically redirected to https)
If you wish to access via conventional http, you can also disable SSL in "Configure SSL" under "Administrative Screen> Preferences"> "Security".

In addition, everything on the WOX site has always been switched to SSL.
The site URL has been changed from "" to "".

www The site was renewed!

This time, WOX aimed for a more user-friendly website, renewed the design.
In addition, this renewal made it possible to comfortably browse from smartphones and tablet terminals.
Please note that with this renewal, since the main WOX site and each management screen are main, there is no effect on the contents created by the customer.

We will continue to make efforts to make it more fulfilling service.

www New function

This time, we released "Pro Mode" as a new function.
By using this mode, you will be able to freely assign pages in HTML and CSS.

▼ Pro mode introduction page

▼ Pro mode page

▼ How to start this function
(1) Access to "Environment setting> Customize mode switching" on the management screen.
(2) Change the mode to "Pro" and save the setting.
(3) A part of the management screen is changed, and content can be freely designed with HTML and CSS.
※ When you return the mode to "normal" you can return to the conventional customization method at any time

www Information to be scheduled for server maintenance

Large scale construction will be carried out at the data center which is the server maintenance target.
The schedule will be as follows and you will be unable to provide the service during this time.
We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Monday, June 26, 2017, 10: 00 - 17: 00 (About 14:00, maintenance completed)
Thursday, July 13, 2017, 10: 00 - 15: 00 (About 10:30, maintenance completed)
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