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www Compatible with smartphones

We have implemented smartphone support for user content, which has been frequently requested.
When you access the website or blog with a smartphone, it will automatically switch to a smartphone compatible design. Smartphone support has been applied automatically from today, so no special settings are required on the part of the user. If you do not want to apply smartphone support, you can always display the design for a PC by canceling the settings from "Management screen> Preferences> Smartphone".

In addition, the uploadable data capacity has uniformly increased to "3x" in "Customize" and "Environmental settings" of the management screen. This makes it possible to upload higher resolution images than before, and to decorate the content more beautifully.

In addition, in "Customize> General> Character> Base> Font", from "Verdana, Osaka, MS Gothic, Hiragino Mincho Pro, Hiragino Maru Pro, sans-serif", from "Gothic, Mincho" It was organized into three types of body and circle letters.

We will continue to work to improve convenience further in the future, thank you.