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gallery Improvements to the management screen

The color of the "Unapproved" text displayed on the "Delete and Edit > Comments" page of the administration screen has been changed from "gray" to "red.

gallery Increased number of characters available for posting

The maximum number of characters that can be submitted was previously limited to 5,000, but has been increased by 100 times to 500,000.

gallery Deprecation of Google + button

With the end of the Google+ service, the "Google+ Button" has been abolished.
In addition, Google + button will be hidden automatically by this abolition, so there is no need to set anything on the customer side.
※ The setting of the social button can be done from the "social button" by moving from the "Detailed settings> plug-in layout and each setting" to the "article" setting.

gallery Bug fixes

Slideshow and page feed operations were not working properly in "Photo" or "Manga" in gallery display type.
This problem was fixed today.

gallery Bug fixes

When "Posting option> accepting comment" of new posting is specified as "accept with period designation", a bug was found that will accept posts even outside designated period.
I fixed this problem today.

gallery Bug fixes

When setting up to cut out thumbnails into squares in "Advanced Settings> Articles> Image Styles", a bug where the thumbnail size collapsed when posting a square image was found.
This problem was fixed today.
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