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gallery The display type can now be selected

"Photo" "Manga" as a display type of the gallery has newly appeared.

We are specialized in displaying pictures and you can use the function of slideshow.
View the sample (In another window open)
View a sample slide show (opens in a separate window)

It is a display type that considers reading works of manga and other, has the function of cartoon viewer.
Watch the sample (In another window open)
View cartoon viewer sample (opens in a separate window)

The conventional display type is positioned as "normal", and the display does not change unless it is changed on the user side.
The setting method can be done from "Administration screen> Advanced setting> Display type".
Please also refer to manual page as well as how to set it.

gallery Automatic adjustment of image size

In the large image that protruded from the article width, the part protruding was forcibly cut,
Today, such images are automatically reduced and displayed so that they fit within the article width.
Description of automatic image resizing

gallery Preview more accurately

Although a preview is displayed at the time of writing a letter in a new post, it has been improved so that it can be displayed more accurately.
When "background color" of "customize> center> article style> background" is set, this background color is now applied to the preview background color.

gallery Release new template

I released three new templates.

Wavering lights
Template that makes you feel like you are floating around the ocean floating.
It is a refreshing color scheme based on white and aqua blue.

Sound Of Silence
A simple and intimate template that imagined a rock garden.
It seems that cool water sounds can be heard even now.

Template where forest green is healed beautifully in the eyes.
Icons and page navigation etc. have also made fine details.

Please use it by all means.

gallery Social button

You can now easily install social buttons at the top or bottom of the article. Supported buttons are "Twitter tweet button, Facebook nice button, Hatena bookmark button, Google + button, mixi check button".

You can go from "Advanced settings> Plug-in layout and settings" to "Article" setting and use "Social button" for setting. Just by checking the social button of your choice and saving the setting, the social buttons will be laid out beautifully in the article and displayed.

In addition, if you want to set up other social buttons, how you want to display it, if you like to control your own layout, you can write the social button code in "free area". In addition, you can use it when you want to display fixed elements every time for each article.

gallery Function addition

"Crop with square" was added to thumbnail generation method.
If this option is enabled, all thumbnails displayed will be square. If you feel that the appearance is not beautiful when images of different ratios are arranged side by side, it would be better to enable this option.

Go to the setting of "Plug-in layout and each setting> Article" in "Administration screen> Detailed setting" and make settings in "Image style".
clip to square
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