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profile Release new template

I released two new templates.

Mat grayish
Template of matte texture like industrial products.
For those seeking restlessness and coolness.

A refreshing template with lime green and gray color scheme.
Icons and page navigation, detail making details are also made.

Please use it by all means.

profile Increase UP size upper limit of Fabicon

The upper limit of upload size of Fabicon which was 10 KB so far has increased to 20 KB.

profile Release new template

We released seven new templates.

Simple and easy-to-see template based on monotone.
It is recommended for any application.

snow flakes
A beautiful template of snowflakes falling from the sky.
It is perfect for the winter season.

A combination of black x light green template is a cool impression template.
Not only is cool, easy to see ◎

standard blue
Fresh and simple template with white and blue base.
It is also ideal for business use.

A simple and cool template of white base like a magazine's magazine.
It is also recommended for those seeking a calm atmosphere.

mocha fiore
The flower pattern is beautiful on the brown base,
It is a little playful template even in calm.

Villa papillon
A template with a classical atmosphere with beautiful butterfly watermarks.
It is beautiful, simple and easy to read.

profile Mail account settings are now available

For premium users "5 GB plan", mail accounts can now be added in the domain you set up.
For details, please see the manual page for details.

profile Bug fixes

In "Tool> Access Analysis> Analysis Result> Basic Analysis> Raw Log", there was an error in the link URL of "previous page" "next page", and it was in the state where page movement was not successful.
I fixed this problem today.

profile Added free areas 4 to 6

"Free areas 4 to 6" has been added as a newly usable plug-in.
Today's expansion has enabled the total of six free areas to be used.
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