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profile Fix CSS

In IE 7 and IE 8, content was not displayed correctly. Today, this problem has been fixed, but in order to reflect the correct display, it is necessary to resave the setting from "management screen> customize> whole" etc.

profile Fixed a small bug

"Font Size" of the management screen "Customize> Side> Plug-in> Footer" was an inappropriate value (0%). Today this bug has been fixed, but in order to reflect the correct CSS in the content, it is necessary to resave the setting with "management screen> customize> footer" etc.

profile Two bugs fixed.

Today I fixed the following two bugs.
Please note that this bug is a bug concerning when setting the profile to free type.

  1. The function of the automatic link was not functioning properly.
    * Automatic link is a function to paste a link automatically when filling out a URL beginning with "https://" in a free form sentence.
  2. In "article management> profile", the color palette of "tag input support" did not function properly in IE 8.

profile Fixed preview bug

There was a bug where the preview was not displayed correctly when filling in the free form sentence of the profile in the browser Opera.
I fixed this problem today, so I think whether Opera will be able to preview normally in the future.
The "free form sentence" is a submission form displayed when the profile is set to the free form type.

profile Fixed bug in footprint function

A trouble that "my own footprint" is attached to my footprints page was found.
I am pleased to announce that I fixed this bug today.

profile Service start

WOX profile service started.
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