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bookmark Function addition

Now you can set the display order of bookmarks.
In the past it was only possible to display in the order of registration (new bookmark order), but there are four types of bookmark order, new bookmark order, old bookmark order, ascending title (0-9, AZ ...), title descending order (ZA, 9-0 ...) We made it possible to choose from. Please go to the setting of "plugin layout and each setting> bookmark" of "management screen> advanced setting" for setting.

[Setting Manual]

In addition, some specification changes were made this time.
Within each category, when the number of displayed items becomes more than a certain number of items, the link "see all" is displayed, but the specification of this "link to see all" changed as follows.

▼ Before specification change
After clicking on the "see all" link, it was a specification to display from the bookmarks (the first page) already viewed.
In this way, even when clicking "see all", the bookmark before moving the page is displayed again, and in order to display a new bookmark, it was necessary to click the link to the next page .

▼ After specification change
It is inconvenient to display the already displayed bookmark again, so after clicking the link to view all, the first bookmark that has already been viewed is not displayed and it has been changed to jump to the second page It was.