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What kind of plug-ins do you have?

There are 14 plug-ins in all.
The following is the name of each plugin and a brief explanation.

You can view the calendar on Displays
mini profile Self introduction can be posted on the page
New arrivals Display newly added articles
New arrival Display newly added comments
Monthly archive Organizes and displays articles by month
Calendarin the page
Friends list Display WOX Friend
Search form Display a form that allows you to search within the page
My Link You can register and display links
Mini Mail Form You can set up a form that can send mail
Submission form You can set up a form to post a sentence
Commentand "posted comment" and "comment submission form"
Category Display the category list
free areas 1-6 Users can freely write characters and HTML
Image You can easily upload and display images

For details on each plugin, please refer to Usage Manual> Common Services> Plugin page.


Communication function

About uploader and file management