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I do not know how to use the uploader.

For details, please refer to Usage Manual> Common Services> Tools> File Management.

Please tell me the file size.

In the case of the free version, the file size is 100MB (*1).
*1 The premium user has different file size depending on the course, and the maximum file size is 32GB.

Please note that file space is shared by all services (same user ID).

Images and files can not be uploaded.

The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 600 KB for free users and 6MB for premium users at the maximum. First of all, please check whether the size of the image or file you want to upload exceeds 600KB.

Also, the file formats that can be uploaded are of the following format, so please check here as well.
  • Image file: jpg · jpg · png
  • Audio file: mid · wma · mp3
  • Movie files: wmv, mpg, flv, mov, 3 gp, 3 g 2, amc, mp 4, swf, asf
  • Other: html · txt · pdf · doc · xls · ppt · lzh · zip

If you are still unable to upload even after confirming the above, the following causes are considered.
  1. You have not pressed the "Save settings" button after uploading the image
  2. Image file is corrupt
  3. File has no extension
  4. The file name contains double-byte characters such as Japanese
  5. The folder containing the file contains double-byte characters such as Japanese
  6. Posted from an old browser (The upload function is compatible with IE 4.0 / NS 4.0 or later)

How can I change the size of the thumbnail?

You can change the size of thumbnails on the "File Management> Uploader> File Upload" screen.

For detailed method, please refer to " Usage Manual> Common Services> Tools> File Management> Thumbnails" page Please refer.

As soon as I registered a new service, the file size became full, why?

In addition to the newly borrowed service, have you already used another service with the same user ID?
In WOX, the file capacity is shared by all services. (For the same user ID)

For example, if you are originally using a blog service and you want to use a new bulletin board (with the same user ID), you will share the file size with blogs and bulletin boards.

Since the file capacity will be shared with the newly subscribed service and already used service, if the file capacity has been almost used up by the already used service, I applied newly There may be no free capacity in the service.


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