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I do not know how to write a blog.

Please read Usage Manual> Blog> Basic Usage> Let's Write a Blog.

In addition, there are also manuals on detailed article management below, please refer.
"Usage Manual> Blog> Article Management"

What is like a button on top of writing a sentence?

It is a button for "tag input support" that you can use to change the color and size of a character in a sentence or to paste a link to another site. For the meaning of each button, please refer to "User Manual> Blog> Article Management> New Posting> Article Support Tool".

How do you change font size, color, font and so on?

Please refer to the following part of manual page for changing character.
"Usage Manual> Blog> Article Management> New Posting> Article Support Tool" Tag Input There is a detailed explanation in the item "support".

I want to upload images in articles.

For the method of uploading images, please refer to "Usage Manual> Common Services> Tools> File Management" Since it is described in detail, please refer to that.

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