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Can I apply for multiple reviews?

As no special restrictions are set, you can apply as much as you want. It is also good to subscribe for each genre such as for movies, music, etc.

What is the URL of the review I created?

The review URL will look something like "https://reviewID.review.wox.cc".
The review ID is what you filled in when you submit a review.

I forgot my password.

If you forget your password, please re-issue your password on re-issuing user ID and password page. If you have forgotten your ID, please do so again from here.

Can I hide my ads?

Advertisement invisibility will only be handled by premium users.

For details on premium users, please see the following page.
"Usage Manual> WOX General> Premium User"

Do you correspond to your own domain?

Although it corresponds to the original domain, only premium users can use it.

For details on how to set up your own domain, please refer to the following.
"Usage Manual> Review> Preferences> Setting Up Your Own Domain"

For details on premium users, please see the following page.
"Usage Manual> WOX General> Premium User"

Is it possible to use an affiliate?

Use of affiliate is possible only for premium users.

The review was suddenly deleted ...

The reason for deleting the review is as follows. Is not there something in mind?

  1. In the case of a free user, the situation where the user has not logged in for more than one year continues and the user account itself is deleted. If the user account is deleted, all services you applied will also be deleted. Regarding this matter, please confirm again as "Terms of Use> Article 6 - About the handling of free users" Please.
  2. When it is deleted because it is a content that violated the Terms of Service. Regarding this matter please check again since it is described in "Terms of Use> Article 5 - Prohibited items".

Please note that once deleted user accounts and contents can not be restored, we ask you to reapply.

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